FNC Pickers

drop down arrow on controlpicker only shows half way, the other half doesn't show because edit box is drawn on top of it. Not sure if this is a measurement error?

dropdown control doesn't size with combobox, what I mean for example when you use a font picker and the combo has both left and right anchor set to resize with the parent, it would be nice if the drop down control width got sized accordingly to reflect this change.

it would be nice for pickers drop controls to also have an option for a sizing grip in the bottom right corner.

it would be nice for list pickers for thing like fonts for example to have a top list, what I mean let say you could set it to top 5 most used items that would be at the very top of the list and remaining items would be sorted alphabetically. Top items should be defined programmatically, also when you scroll items, top items would remain visible.

Anyway these are few thing I have noticed that could be fixed/improved in a future version.

Thank you for letting us know.
We will take these requests into account and check if it is feasible to implement them.