Me again...

Just found out that with the latest version you cannot add any controls to the Toolbar anymore. Right-clicking on the Toolbar components popups the Menu, but when hovering to Styles or Add controls does not open the submenu but just creates a new ToolbarClick event.... ?


Did you re-install both TMS FNC Core and TMS FNC UI Pack?
We'll look into this as soon as possible. We cannot reproduce this issue here.
Yes, I reinstalled both of them several times. I even reinstalled Laz 2.0.8 FPC 3.0.4. Further, I can reproduce the error on a second machine. I am on Windows10 with latest patch level.
I played a bit with other controls and found out that the Combobox, Toolbarbutton and Fontsize picker are having same issue. Hovering the mouse over Style, creates an onclick event of the respective component. Not all components are affected though, Bitmappicker and Stringgrid do allow the Style menu to appear. I can even change the style there. Did not test other components yet.


We have further investigated this here and applied a fix. The next version will have this issue addressed.