FNC ComboBox

Few things I noticed that make no sense to me, when FNC ComboBox list is open and I change focus to another control I feel that proper behavior should be that the dropdown list closes but that doesn't seem to happen. The other thing that I find very annoying when autocomplete is on and text in the combo doesn't matches items in the list, drop down list is empty, I do not wish for those items to disappear I would prefer that item matching the text closest is simply focused/highlighted in the dropdown list but all choices are shown.


The first issue you mentioned is not possible to fix. For further information see here: The TMSFNCCombobox behaves wrong under Windows10 (Delphi 10.4, VCL+FMX).

As for the second issue, you cannot change this behavior currently. To improve this, we introduced the AutoFilter property to disable the filtering of the list, you'll need to set it to False. The next update will contain the changes for this.

Yeah I have noticed the "AutoFilter property", thanks this works.