FNCGrid and FNCGridDatabaseAdapter


I'm using FNCGrid and FNCGridDatabaseAdapter to display the content of a SQLite table.
Two of the fields are Float values for Quantity and Unit Price that should be both editable
None of them are displaying decimals as I would expect

For Price, I'd like to get the € sign as well. But if I'm using HTMLTemplate property to get it, the field is no longer editable.
How can I get these two columns correctly formatted and keeping the editable capability ?

In addition, I'd like to use FNCCheckGroupPicker to expose a filter allowing multiples choices. How can I link the FNCCheckGroupPicker.Items with a table records ?


I have found a way to display these fields with 2 decimals and with the € sign for the currency field
Sorry for that.
However, when editing the price field, the editor does not display the current value but always 0.
I should have here 150 in the editor
This is Ok for the quantity field.
I don't find the reason for that.

I also found a solution when using FNCCheckGroupPicker.
But there is probably a bug.
I can only select many checkboxes but only a subset is displayed
Only the selected items from the 3 first columns are included

The format of the edit needs to be configured at editor level. You can access the editor with TMSFNCGrid1.CellEdit, and then set the EditType. For the picker, we couldn't reproduce this here:

Hi Pieter,
Thank you for your feedback.

About FNCCheckGroupPicker, this is not related to the number of columns.
It looks like the problem is always starting at item 64.
Please try again to reproduce with more items in the TStringList


We have further investigated this here and dived in the code and noticed there is a limit of the amount of items that can be added and used simultaneously. The reason for this is that the OR operation is done on the checked state of all checkboxes and stored in the Value property which cannot exceed Int64 max value. As the Boolean OR operation is done, the more checkboxes, the higher the value gets and eventually exceeds Int64. The reason why this is done is to be compatible with other similar components storage system such as TRadioGroup. You could, alternatively, used the TTMSFNCCheckedListBox combined with a TTMSFNCControlPicker component as a custom inplace editor instead.

I see.
Can you alternatively use LongWord or UInt64.
No need for negative values here I think.

But I guess it's also about performance for such huge OR operation.