FNC Maps Customized Markers (C++ Builder)

Hi there,
How do I create custom marker base on a local .png file?
Something like - this does not work:
frameTMSGOOGLEMAP->TMSFNCGoogleMap->Markers->Items[0]->IconURL = "data://Marker.png";

And how do you change color and size of the default markers.
Could you provide some code examples pls.?


  • You can set TMSFNCGoogleMaps.LocalFileAccess to True to enable the use of local image files

  • You can change the size of a custom marker image with the Markers[].IconHeight and IconWidth properties (and DefaultIconSize set to False).
    Unfortunately it's currently not supported to change the color or size of the default marker

Thanks, what is the format of the URL String???
I cant get it to read the file....
frameTMSMAP->TMSFNCMap->Markers->Items[0]->IconURL = "C:\IconFolder\IconA.png";

Its ok, I got it!

Alternatively, you can also base64 encode the image and assign the value to the IconURL parameter. This way, you'll avoid local file resources and avoid having to upload your icon. This website allows you to convert your icon: