FNC Grid - How to make the header row span 2 lines

I?d like to have the header of my grid span two lines, while the rest of the grid is one-lined.

How do I achive this?


I assume you refer to cell merging?

Did you check grid.MergeCells()?

Not really. Given, that the Header info for a column is lengthy, I would like to have two lines within the cells of the top (Header) row: e.g. "Room temperature<br>(average in ?C)".

Should I merge cells 1 and two of col 1, col 2 and so on?

Both rows must be fixed and actual data starts in row 3?

Do you have an example?

Enable wordwrap and increase the row height

  TMSFNCGrid1.Columns[1].WordWrap := true;
  TMSFNCGrid1.RowHeights[0] := 64;
  TMSFNCGrid1.Cells[1,0] := 'line 1'#13'line 2';

Tx for this one. However, the drop down icon for filtering still has the normal size. Any chance to make the drop down the height of the row?

This will require an adaption in the component. We will discuss & consider this here as it is unsure if one typically expects this to match the size of a combobox dropdown button or the height of the grid row.

No problem, just looks a bit lost in the middle of the row.