FNC Grind

Using FNC Grind in VCL environment I encounter the following problem:

When I add a node and then merge the cells of that row all cells below disappear except for the column that was start of the merge. All cells except for the fixed area are virtual, fed by getCellData.

That is what I do in my example to add the node:

    RowCount := 200;
    for i := 2 to RowCount - 1 do
      cells[COLROWHEAD, i] := 'Header ' + IntToStr(i - 2);
      cells[COLvalueID, i] := IntToStr(i - 2); // Will be Typid
      cells[COLROWGRP, i] := 'Group ' + IntToStr(i - 2 div 10); // Will be Groupid
      if (i - 2) mod 10 = 0 then
        addNode(i, 9);
        mergeCells(0, i, 10, 1);

Also when grouping the the columns disappear. As I only want to be able to collapse and expand I prefer the nodes as the grid becomes quite laggy when using grouping for that purpose.

This must have been introduces within the last months as I picked up work that I started earlier that year and remember that the columns did not disappear that days.

Thanks for Help!

My apologies for the late answer can you send us a sample that is able to reproduce the issue so we can investigate this here? We have been working on the grid and pushed out many updates, so potentially the issues are fixed?