FNCGrid with wide rows

I am trying to use a grid with a single column to display something like a string list.
Some of the strings are very long, and are not fully displayed.

Setting horizontal scroll bar visible, does not show the scroll bar, I'm guessing because I only have one column and it is stretched to fit the grid.

If I use wordwrap, I can see all of the text, but all the rows have to be much higher than most need to be so that the text is fully visible.

Can  you suggest how I might scroll to the hidden details, or have the rows automatically resize to word wrap ?

The list is used for logging, and I'd like to be able to export the data, as well as perform filtering on it.

I did notice that exporting using the PDFIO, the data is truncated to match the displayed data.  ASCII and HTML formats save all the data.


You should turn off Column stretching, which is located under TMSFNCGrid1.Options.ColumnSize

Then you can set the width of the column manually using the TMSFNCGrid1.ColumnWidths property.
I've tried that.  Making the column very wide does make the scroll bar visible, but I still can't manage to see all of the data in the cell.

I have added another column to the grid, before the grid with the string data.

If I set the grid width larger than the form and larger than the cell width, there is no scroll bar.
if I set the grid with larger than the form, but smaller than the cell width, there is a scroll bar but I can't see all the data in the cell.

Can you suggest what the relationship between the total column widths, the grid with and the form width need to be to get all the cell data visible ?  Everything I've tried truncates the data.

At least when I had stretch, when the form with the grid aligned to client was resized, I could see more of the data.

When it is not stretched, and the form is resized, the columns no longer fill the grid space.

Maybe there are some other properties I have missed to sort this out.


Either you need to turn on word-wrapping, or if you do not want word-wrapped text, then you should apply auto-sizing. You can apply auto-sizing by using the following code:

I've managed to get it displaying all the data with a combination of Wordwrap, Stretch and AutoSizeRows.

Thanks for the help.