TTMSFNCGrid: dynamical row height


I uploaded 2 screenshots so as to understand better my problem.
Grid01.jpg shows the actual data with varied length text:

Grid02.jpg shows that the same data is truncated in the original width of the column.

The scenario is simplified because in the original program there are many columns.
This is an Android application so the space is limited and I cannot make the width of the column wider, the only option is to make the cells' size as big as they should be.

For example the height of "Everyting is OK" cell should be smaller than the others, accordingly.

How can I do this? I know that there is "RowHeights[Row: Integer]", but how can I calculate the optimal height for each row according to the length of its text?

Thank you!

AutoSizeRows should help you :)

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Thank you!

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