Items in drop down not selectable TTMSFNCComboBox FMX Mac OS

Using TTMSFNCComboBox in Mac OS FMX.
When style is set to csDropDown, items cannot be selected from the drop down list. Moving the cursor over the list does not highlight anything, and then clicking on an item does not select that item.
Also, onKeyUp does not seem to work either.

When style is set to csDropDownList, it seems to operate properly, but of course that means no editable field.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.


We've investigated this and it's an issue with the default FMX controls. Unfortunately we cannot work around it, we'll report this to Embarcadero.

That seems strange, since the Delphi FMX component does not have these issues.

They do, when binding a TEdit to a TPopup, with a TEdit inside it we cannot focus TEdit with one click on macOS, which means that this issue is reproducible with default FMX components