FMX.TMSFNCTypes.dcu' - Expected version: 36.0, MacOSX(ARM64) Found version: 36.0, MacOSX(x64)

When copiling for MacOS ARM with FNCMaps I get this error. All other components seem to compile fine. I am using Rad Studio 12.1. When compiling for MacOS (not the ARM version) everything compiles fine so it seem to be just this one DCU that is an issue



Please make sure to add the path to the source files, which is required to recompile the proper DCUs for the macOS ARM target. It's not added by default.

Please explain in more detail. Which source files are you referring to. presumably something on the TMS Core or Maps end but I don't know. Where in Delphi do I need to specify this path?


You need to copy the library path from macOS 64 bit. This can be found under Tools->Options->Language.

Thanks for the help