FMXMemo and cursor shape of scrollbar

Why does the memo show the wrong cursor when hovering over the scrollbar?

It shows the crIBeam shape instead of the normal arrow shape.
How can I change that?


You can use the following code to accomplish this:

  TMSFMXMemo1.GetVScroll.Cursor := crArrow;

That works, its just bad to have to do that for each memo on all forms. I dont understand why its not by default like that.

Another issue with the memo is the last line when scrolling, which is not fully visible.

There are in fact a handful of issues on MAC (user's sent videos of it if you need them).


The cursor is default for the scrollbars, but is set to a beam cursor in the memo. We would expect this to be handled in FireMonkey, but sadly it seems the cursor isn't properly reverted to the default arrow cursor.

Yes, but thats fine, I can use your code. But what about the last line(s) not displayed when using the scrollbar? Thats what user complaining to me...


We'll investigate this here.


We have applied a fix for this issue, the next version will address this.

Thats great, and when will the next version be available? If it takes long, I will have to find another solution, I cant have my customer wait for long.


The next version will be released tomorrow.