FixInsight stops working in 10.4.2

After installing the new version 2021.10 in 10.4.2 and 11, I opened half-a-dozen projects in 10.4.2 in turn, and successfully analysed them. Then in the next project the three FixInsight icons in the taskbar were greyed out and could not be clicked. So I tried another project, and also some of those already scanned, and every time there were no FI icons visible. Hovering the mouse over where the icon should be shows a darker square and the FI hint is displayed. But nothing happens on clicking. FI still appears in the Flash screen and in About. Uninstalling and reinstalling FI, and rebooting the machine, make no difference. FI still seems to be installed normally and working in Delphi 11. But not in 10.4.2.

No response after 10 days? How can I re-enable Fix Insight in 10.4.2? It thinks it is installed, but shows no icon images and no actions.