FixInside installation problem


I'm trying to install latest fixinside to RIO 10.3.1 and got some bpl error. (I wasn't able to install 2019.11 version also).
Procedure entry point  @System@Classes@TFieldsCache@SbcctrSqqrv  not found from dynamic linked library C:\Program Files (x86)}\Fixinsight\Fixinsight_10_3.bpl.
I uninstalled it and checked if any fix* exists in my machine (using Everything search engine), only installers/ uninstallers where found. 

Don't know if this is relevant or not, but TMS Subscription manager doesn't detect Fixinside as installed after installation.

Please try this build

We've recently found that there are some incompatibilities between Delphi 10.3 - 10.3.1 and Delphi 10.3.2 (we use this version to
build FixInsight_10_3.bpl). Now this should be fixed. Please give it a try.

thanks, it working now.

Except it's in trial mode. I tried even replace setup.exe downloaded by Subscription manager and install it from there, didn't help.

You should have received an email with license key file. Please use FixInsight License Manager to open and apply it

you know  - i just realized that this is FixInsight not fixinside :D no wonder outlook search didn't find my license.