FixInsight - D11

When do you plan to support D11 in FixInsight?
I'm sorry, but I can't create a theme in the FixInsight category.

An update with Delphi 11 support is in the making.
We expect it to be ready for Delphi 11 as well as come with new features this month.

OK :blush:

The month is over. The new term is :blush: Of course not binding.

It is still being worked on.
The best we can do at this moment is offer a beta.

Beta version is not required. I just want to know an approximate estimate of termination. 1 - 2 - x weeks?

Next week. Just few more days.

How do I activate a FixInsight license? Nothing can be pasted / copied here.
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See this thread

The sign is in the wrong place. Written as plain text. I'm not surprised I didn't notice him.
If you put it down, as a button, to the Apply license, I would definitely not write to you :wink: