[FixInsight Internal] XXX.pas(1): Rule 111 failed to run  (67 x)

Version from 2020 03 25

I need more information... Maybe you can send an example to ?

Example of what? The previous version did not. I have not changed anything in the units concerned. I have nothing else in my statement.

Example of code where it fails
One more thing.

In your Delphi IDE please go to Help -> About FixInsight and set "Debug Mode" checkbox. Then run the analysis. This will create .filog file in your project folder. Please send it to me to , this may help to find out what's wrong.

I also am having the same issue with this new error.  Seems to work fine
on VCL project, but fails in FMX OSX64 project.  I'm sending you a log file by email as you asked the other user.