Fixed column doesn't get refresh when scrolling


I'm using TDBAdvGrid version When I set the grid property pagemode = True, the content in fixed  column is not refreshed when I scroll the grid by keeping "down arrow key" down. The content is only updated if I again click on on of the visible cell after grid was scrolled.


Could you please check and fix it.




Can you please update to the latest version v2.4.4.7 where there is no such issue.

Updated to v2.4.4.7 and the problem is still there.

Do you have more details how this can be reproduced?

What is in your fixed columns?

After play more with the code. I found the way to duplicate the problem. If you set property Datasettype=dtNonSequenced then the fixed column will not be updated. If I reset it to dtSequenced then the problem is gone. However if Datasettype=dtSequenced then select all will fill the entire current view with empty cells (As reported before in a different post)

Do I understand correct you mapped a datafield on a fixed column? Is this one fixed column or multiple?

It's one fixed column

And yes, I mapped the fixed column with a field in my table

We did an improvement and this should address a possible issue. This improvement will be available in the next update.

Can you also fix the problem with "select all" function. When  Datasettype=dtSequenced, "select all" fills entire grid with empty cells. 

Can I get the update now. We need to ship our software this week and would like to resolve this problem as soon as possible

  1. A release is planned for today
    2) The SelectAll issue in these specific circumstances will be fixed too in the planned release

This update doesn't fix the problem with fixed column content when scroll the grid. 

Please contact us by direct email and provide a sample source project with which we can reproduce this or exact steps how this can be reproduced with any of the demos as we do not see such issue here with the latest version.