DBAdvGrid Bugs/Features Take 2

I have recently upgraded from an old version to of the component pack (DBAdvGrid and my application is now riddled with some new undesirable bugs and/or features.   Can you please give some guidance as how to revert to previous behaviour or provide a patch to fix the problems?
Using BDS2006 on Windows XP  (this hasn't changed since old version)

Opening a window with grid with DisjunctRowSelect=true fills all rows in the the grid with incorrect horizontal gradient (without clicking anything).  Only the first row should be selected with Vertical gradient.  Disjunct clicking should select the disjunct row with vertical gradient.


Clicking on the first grid row redraws it correctly


Clicking on row 2 loses the row selection highlight altogether

I have to click on it again to make it reappear.  Subsequent clicks toggle the row selection on/off.  This is different to previous behaviour, to deselect a row before I had to hold down Ctrl key.


If I click on the first column (row indicator) then the whole row above it gets wiped

On a grid with a partially obscured row (eg. Fri 19-Nov) I can't click on the row to make it visible (the mouse click is ignored)

If I click on the row indicator it scrolls into view


In this example the data set has 11 rows but only the first 2 show.


I can scroll through them with the mouse wheel but it only ever shows 2 rows.

If I use the arrow keys to scroll to the last row then arrow up another row appears

By repeating down arrow up arrow keys I can make all rows appear one at a time

Probably related bug to above, this dataset has 23 rows but grid says there are only 7.

If I click on the last row then press down arrow key the next record in the data (No. 32) set is shown overwriting the last row (no. 35)

I can scroll all the way to the first record this way without the top records moving.

I can arrow back up through the records only the last row changes then when I get to row 23 the entire grid wipes except for the last row.

Clicking on one of the blank rows forces a refresh from that row down and rows reappear

In this example when I click on the indicator on row 3

another column is inserted and the indicator is drawn in the wrong column

Can you please first start by using the latest version v5.8.3.0 of TMS Component Pack as a fix was done in TDBAdvGrid.

Have installed V5.8.3.0 (TDBAdvGrid  This appears to have resolved the problem with only showing 2 records when there are more in the dataset except I am using DBGrid->RowCount - 2 to report the number of rows (less header row and footer row).  This used to report the correct number of rows.  Now the number of reported records is now 1 more than is actually in the dataset. 
The other problems in my previous post still remain. 

Wrt the disjunct row selection, do you set grid.PageMode = false? Only in this mode, disjunct row selection is possible/makes sense.

Setting PageMode=false fixes some of the refresh problems but PageMode=false is not recommended for large data sets (which I have) and doesnt also disconnects from the underlying dataset (which I need).

If I keep PageMode=true and turn off disjunct row select and range select there are still problems with the grid not showing all rows correctly. 
eg dataset has 4 records but grid reports 5

click last row and data scrolls down leaving a gap

Disjunct and range select used to work ok with PageMode=true in version I was using prior to upgrade ( It used to only work for the page that was visible and the selection moved as you scrolled the dataset but I could live with that.

I'm not aware of and cannot see issues with nr. of records in the latest version of TDBAdvGrid in TMS Component Pack v5.8.3.0. Are you sure you effectively link with the latest version and If such problem persists, can you please provide some sample source project with which we can reproduce the problem here?

I have the same problem usually when using dataset Locate function. DBAdvGrid is pointed to record I was searching for, but I have a gap in DBAdvGrid. It's like half of my records are hidden and i can't see them. When I press keyboard up/down then I get all records shown again.

I have e-mailed a sample application which highlights all the problems.

Is there any progress regarding these bugs? 

Also, do you plan (and how soon) to update DBGrid styles & gallery with new content?
  1. I cannot reproduce a problem with Locate
    2) Wrt DisjunctRowSelect, it is a requirement that PageMode = false to use this
    3) Wrt gallery, there is no plan on short term, you can easily create new items for the gallery on your machine

You might need to change the setting for TDBAdvGrid.DataSetType depending on the database you use.

Did you get my sample application I e-mailed.  It demonstrates all the bugs as described.  DateSetType doesn't have any effect.

It is on the todolist for investigation.

Posted in the News Groups, but re-posting here, as it looks like similar issues as what user above has experienced.


I have updated to version of TMS Component Pack 2 days ago from

Everything worked fine with a particular section in my application, now
something strange is happening when I check the totals for a journal
that gets posted.

The following piece of code worked 100%, now it fails.


(DataGrid.Cells[2,DataGrid.RowCount-1] =

 DataGrid.Cells[3,DataGrid.RowCount-1]) then





      ShowMessage('Journals cannot be posted if they are not in
Balance.' +#10#13+

        'Please correct the mistake.');



The code checks the floating footer for the Debits and Credits, which
must be equal to each other. After upgrading this fails every single
time. It looks like a blank line is added to the DBAdvGrid and the third
column just suddenly doubles up consistently even though the detail data
values are still 100% correct.

Was there any breaking changes introduced from version to for the TDbAdvGrid?

I have checked this by re-installing the previous version, and with that there are no issues that gets introduced into my application.



I found the extra row gets added to the grid when you call First, Last or Locate on the underlying data set.  Prior, Next are OK.


We're working on this and hope it will be resolved in the next update.

Could you contact by direct email so we can send an incremental source update for now to check if this solves particular problems in your application? 

Tried the incremental update.  It fixes the extra row problem but all other issues reported remain.

We answered your email you have sent directly to support.