TDBAdvGrid TDBAdvNavigator scroll issue with Fixed

I have and I find an issue.
Delphi XE2 and Advantage TAdsTable component.

Using a TDBAdvGrid that displays a DBF table of approximately 280 records and showing approximately 20 rows in the grid.  

I have set FixedCols := 2, becauseif the user uses the right arrow, I wish to keep those columns visible in the grid.

The grid scrolls fine when using the mousewheel and scroll bar in the grid are used and when using the keyboard, but not when the left and right arrow in TDBAdvNavigator (or TDBNavigator) are clicked.  

When a cell is selected in the first visible row of the grid and the left arrow is clicked, the fixed col data does not change but the non-fixed columns correctly scroll to the previous record.    

When a cell is selected in the last visible row of the grid and the right arrow is clicked, the fixed col data does not change but the non-fixed columns correctly scroll to the next record.    

Thank you in advance fo any help/suggestion.

I've found another issue.
When I click on the DBIndicator (col=0) or on the non-fixed col, the record will be selected.
But, when I click on the fixedCol > 0, the record will not be selected.

Can you check this?

We applied a fix for this. The next update will address this.

With respect to Left/Right arrow, these do not change the active record. These change the active column. I could not reproduce an issue with this.
Hi Bruno,

thanks for the fix.

I think there is a little misunderstand about left/right arrow.
I don't means the left/right on the keyboard, but on the TDBAdvNavigator (also TDBNavigator), to move up/down on the record list.
When I change the FixedCols (>1) and click on previous/next record on DBNavigator, the FIXED fields value doesn't change when reach the first or last record visible on the Grid.

At this moment, I haven't tested with another DataTable component.

We made a change with respect to handling clicks on fixed column cells > column 0 and we see no incorrect behavior anymore in connection with the TAdvDBNavigator. The next TMS VCL UI Pack release will have this improvement.

Hi Bruno,

Hi Bruno.
I have more info about.

If you can, try this:
1 - place a TDBAdvGrid and a TDBAdvNavigator on a form
2 - set the same datasource
3 - set TDBAdvGrid.FixedCols := 2 (a value > 1 [the standard value])
4 - select cell on column 3 (the first column after the FixedCols)
5 - use the button Next on the TDBAdvNavigator until you reach the end of the grid and view the new records after end of the grid
6 - see whats happen on the values in the fixedcols. They don't change

This doesn't happen if you select a cell on column 4 or superior.

I've installed last version of VCL UI.

Thank you in advance.

Not sure I understand what you do.
Do you map DB fields on the fixed columns.
I modified the ADOEditing demo with 2 fixed cols and I could not reproduce an issue so far.