Fail installing TMS FNC Grid Excel Bridge

Installing "TMS FNC Grid Excel Bridge" with TMS Subscription Manager and got attached error log.
Error.log (51.6 KB)

Follows support web site "FlexCel Installation Guide | FlexCel Studio for VCL and FireMonkey documentation" and checked delphi Win32 and Win64 Library path

but still fails the installation.

Open project FMX_TMSFNCGridExcelBridge.dproj and when trying to build for Windows 64 platform got following error

Any idea ?

Today tried to open FMXTMSFNCUIPackPkgDXE14.dproj and build it for Windows 64-bit platform. After that building FMX_TMSFNCGridExcelBridge.dproj for Window 64-bit not longer got error message.

By using TMS Subscription Manager uninstall and install again the "TMS FNC Grid Excel Bridge" and seems to work.

Thanks for reporting!