Exporting to PDF with large cell


We've been using FlexCel inside our C# application for a couple of years now and not had any problems however we've just hit a situation that I can't seem to resolve. We export some data from our application to PDF and one of the cells can, occasionally, have more data in it than can fit on a single page.

We have <#row height(autofit)> set in the cell but it just gets truncated when it goes over the page boundary.

Is there anything that can be done about this?


Steve H


Can you send me an example of the file (in xls and pdf) that you are getting so I can get a better idea of what the exact problem is? You can send it to adrian@tmssoftware.com and you can redact all the information and replace it by dummy text. I just want to see the layout of the file.

There are a couple of things that could be causing this, some are limitations in Excel that can't be workarounded, some others can. But having an idea of your exact layout might help me give you a better suggestion.


Thanks for the files. What you are hitting here is sadly a limitation in Excel, where a row height can be higher than 409 (you can try it in Excel).

But I think in your case there is a simple workaround:
You can split the text inside #Events.ChangeDetail into one row for each line. Then instead of outputting the full text to one cell, you can use another Range which would be a detail of Events and output every line from changedetail into its own row. You can merge the cells in A9 and B9 so they look like a single cell, but have the changedetail split in rows.

Could this be a solution? If you think it can and you need more info about how to implement it, let me know and I can code an example.

Thanks Adrian - I'll try and change our app so that it does each line in a separate cell.  I'll get in touch if I need a hand.