PDF generation not supporting multi-line cells


I'm generating a excel file (xlsx) from a template. I have a column which is set as 'wrap text'. The resulting excel file is OK . Some of the lines are expanded as the text is wrapped.

The problem is that when I'm generating a PDF file from the Excel using TFlexCelPdfExport.export, all the lines have the same height and therefore some text is missing when there is a multiline text.

I've did not see in the documentation how to solve the problem, other than creating the PDF from scratch ...

Any hints ?

FlexCel doesn't autofit rows automatically, so you need to autofit them before exporting to pdf.

1)If using the API, you would call xlsFile.AutofitRowsOnWorkbook(false, true, 1.1);
You can see an example of this in the demo: \Modules\10.API\12.Advanced API\Advanced API

2)If you are using reports, you can autofit all rows with <#Autofit Settings(all; keep; 110)>
but you will normally want to only autofit those rows with wrap, you can individually use a tag like
<#row height(autofit; 110)>

you can find an example of this in the demo:

Make sure to read the section about autofitting at the API guide ( http://www.tmssoftware.biz/flexcel/docs/net/UsingFlexCelAPI.pdf )

Works fine,

Many thanks