Cell auto Fit during export to pdf


We have an issue with exporting excel file to pdf in case excel has auto fit cells. When cell is set to wrap text and auto-fit to row height then during export to pdf auto fit is ignored and result pdf file looks incorrect.

We are using version 5.9.0 now.

When the issue can be fixed ?



I don't see this issue here, and it shouldn't happen, since FlexCel autofits wrapped cells.
I've tried it with the following code:

Hello Adrian
Please try do the same on merged cells.
We will check this on our side as well.
Thank You!

Another question. When we copy workSheet to another file by flexcel does it copy auto fit and text wrap settings as well ?

yes, if you copy a full sheet, autofit and wrap settings are copied.

Now, just to be clear, FlexCel by default doesn't autofit rows even if they are autofit, this is by design (and explained in UsingFlexCelAPI.pdf) So you need to call AutofitAllRows in workbook before exporting to pdf. Are you calling it? If you are, with which parameters?