Exporting to PDF a Cell with large amt of text

I have excel file in which I'm embedding a large amount of HTML text. I autofit the row height. It works perfectly until the cell is bigger than what can go on one PDF Page. If the cell height is bigger than the PDF page the cell gets cut in the PDF export and does not overflow onto the next page as expected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is the way Excel works, cells don't overflow to the next if they don't fit in a page. (And this is valid both for rows and for columns) If you try printing or exporting to pdf the xls file from Excel, you will see the same behavior.

I am not sure we can do something to fix this. We normally try to be "100% excel compatible", even with the Excel bugs or "features" that don't behave like you expect. Because if we don't, then when you try to print the xls file from Excel, you will get surprises (in this case, when you try to print from Excel you will see that cells don't overflow)

Maybe we can have some property to allow cells overflowing, but I don't think it will be simple to do. I will check out if something can be done though.


I have same issue.
Excel specification says that maximum row height is 490 points

If someone have workaround please post it here.


Marin Mašić


I am not sure I understand. Indeed, maximum row height in Excel is 490 points, and that is exactly what FlexCel will allow.
If you need more, you could always merge some rows, for example 2 merged rows will allow you the double of row size. While Excel won't autofit merged rows, FlexCel will.

But what the original post was about, was about printing a part of the row in one page and another part of the same row in the next. This is how Excel works too.

What would you like to change / workaround?

Yes, merging cells should do the trick.