error when installing ver


i get an error when trying to build on Berlin and IW14.1.2

the error :
[dcc32 Fatal Error] IWTMSCtrls.pas(28): E2213 Bad packaged unit format: D:\IntraWeb\LibD10_1W64\Intraweb_14_D10_1.dcp.IWBaseControl - Expected version: 31.0, Windows Unicode(x86) Found version: 31.0, Windows Unicode(x64)

is it because not compatible with IW14.1.2 please?

Unfortunately IW 14.1.x is currently not yet supported for the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack.

can you asses more or less when please?

It is on our to-do list to first validate our
controls with this latest IntraWeb release and when all validates OK, we'll
release an update. At this time, we can't give an exact ETA as it is unclear
which issues there will be with v14.1.0 or later and if so, how much time it
will take to address these possible issues.

i'm trying to install Pack on Delphi Berlin and IW 14.1.4, and i still get exactly the same error message.

also, i don't see any special note about IW 14.1.x, only for 14.0.x

what am i missing please?

found the problem :
i don't know why, but the folder intraweb\LibD10_1W64 was in and higher in the Library search path of the 32-bit Platform...


Thanks for informing the issue was resolved.
We ensured that our IW14 packages will work both for IW14.0 and IW14.1, so there are no special steps to do for IW14.1, all instructions apply to both IW14.0 & IW14.1

just a small suggestion :
in the Build section, instead of jut "IntraWeb 14.0.x / RAD Studio XE3 - 10 Berlin",
i think it would be easier to understand if it was : "IntraWeb 14.0.x & 14.1.x / RAD Studio XE3 - 10 Berlin"

Thank you Bruno and TMS, and happy Xmas  :)

You're correct about this!

We'll make sure to update this so it will be more easy & intuitive to understand.

Thanks & also our best wishes for a happy & successful 2017!