Error: Property UIStyle does not exist

I am using CB 10.3.3 and the newest version of UI Pack. I have a AdvPanel on a AdvPageControl. When I run the program in the debugger I am getting the 'Debugger Exception Notification' below.  

Debugger Exception Notification:
Project warrior.exe raised exception class EReader with message 'Error reading AdvPanel1_M.UIStyle: Property UIStyle does not exist'. 

The Error happen when the code hits the tWinMain item Application->CreateForm(__classid(TWarrior), &Warrior);  but the code will not hit a breakpoint in the actual FormCreate event.

Application->MainFormOnTaskBar = true;
Application->Title = "Warrior 2020.01.08";
Application->CreateForm(__classid(TWarrior), &Warrior);  //Error Here

This error does not happen when I setup a small sample application. I have tried a clean and build all. Do you have any recommendation for dealing with this? 

I switched my panels to be AdvSmoothPanel and I get a similar error. 

Error reading AdvSmoothPanel1.UIStyle: Invalid Property Value

The most likely reason is that you still have old version .BPL/.DCP files of TMS VCL UI Pack on your system. Please remove ALL old version files and make sure you use a clean setup.