Error message that pops up in the BETA 2.3.0

When I open a JS or HTML file the following error pops up repeatedly and prevents any editing of those files.
I don't know if this is specific to my project. If it's unknown to TMS and not generic, I'll create a simple test case.

I have not encountered this error before.
Is this Delphi 11.3?
Any other plugins you have installed in the IDE that might somehow interfere?

Yes, it's Delphi 11.3. The error popups do not appear using TMS WEB Core (or earlier), only in the BETA. I have installed the JEDI library packages, but not much else. Here's the About page info (with installed):

And attached is the Version Information content.
DelphiVersionInformation.txt (35.7 KB)

Do you have reproducible steps?
I cannot see such problem here and haven't heard from other users about this problem.
Do you open these files from the project manager or via the File, Open dialog?

The files were opened via the project manager for viewing as part of the original project. I will reinstall the beta and attempt to provide a specific test case later today.

Fwiw, the v2.3 release is imminent, so you might want to wait for that to avoid spending a lot of time with install/uninstall.

Okay thanks. I was afraid that I might be holding up release of 2.3, silly me! I will wait for the 2.3 release and I hope this problem will not appear then.

I have installed and I am not seeing that error pop up so far.

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