Error Compile TMSFNCUtils

Update to V1.7.1 of webcore. Even Uninstalled old one and installed new one.
If i add WEBLib.TMSFNCUtils to the project(form Unit)
I get error :
[Error] WEBLib.TMSFNCUtils.pas(3080): Incompatible type arg no. 1: Got "TBytesStream", expected "TStream"

It happens on web app. Same happens when I open supplied demo of Miletus app.

Ilia Chachkhunashvili

Any tip about it??

Update : I use Delphi community edition if it makes any difference that should not be.

Did update to Compiler version 2.0.6
Same error.

Is this the latest version of TMS FNC components?
With the combination of latest TMS WEB Core & latest TMS FNC components we cannot see such issue here.

Ah I have not update FNC. Will try.

Yes it helped thanks