Compiler Error VCL.TMSFNCTypes cant't find Unit "windows"


after Update to TMS WEB CORE 1.7.1 I got an error : at Unit VCL.TMSFNCTypes "Windows"
compiler says : can't find unit "windows"

When trying to compile any "older" WebApp (e.g. Version created with TMS WebCore 1.5.1)

Is there a wrong / missing path ?

Any other VCL-App is working fine ...
A new TMS-Web-App without FNC is working fine ...

My System:
WinServer 2016 (up to date)
RAD Studio 10.4.2 (incl. update and patches)
TMSAllAccess -> FNC Packages installed und uptodate

Thanks for an idea and / or help


Can you inspect if there aren't old version files of TMS WEB Core and/or FNC related .INC files around in your library path? Make sure there are no such old version and only latest version files are used together.