Editing cell issue on FNCGrid

Hi there,

When editing a FNCGrid, I clicked on the cell to be edited and type “1” which sets the grid in edit mode and places 1 in the edit area… but for some reason it also selects the value 1 so when I type “.” the “1” is replaced by the “.”

Is this a component problem or something we do when entering edit mode. Note if you click on the cell twice (once to select it and a second to edit it) then there is no issue. I suspect that this might be something to do with automatically going into edit mode.

Could you please give us some advice on it?


This is by design. In both cases editing with keyboard or mouse the text is selected. There is no property to switch this behavior off. We'll investigate if we can implement properties to control this behavior.

Hi Pieter,

I hope you are doing well. Any update about this issue?


This is not an issue, it's a design choice. We have written this down and will see if we can integrate a way to change this behavior in the near future.