I successfully signed up with DropBox, got a client ID and Secret for a new app. I insert this into the appids.inc and compile. I can connect to DropBox, but their server returns the error - Invalid Client ID.

Do I need to wait for some registration processing. I am able to connect to Google Drive and SkyDrive with client ids from other projects.


I'm not sure what is going wrong here. Your Client ID should be valid from the moment your DropBox App is created in the DropBox App Console.
Can you please make sure your App is configured correctly? Did you enter a valid Oauth 2 Redirect URI? (Usually or http://localhost)

This is so stupid it is funny. I had signed up with box.com thinking it was short for dropbox. So I signed up with dropbox.com and it all works now!

Thanks for the redirect url too, I was looking for that.