Dropbox no connect (Beginner with cloud pack)

Win 7 64 / XE6

in my first steps with TMS Cloud Pack for FireMonkey I created the developper app in dropbox.

Using the demo project "CloudStorageDemo.dproj"
I edited the APPIDS.INC file with the key and secret.

compiled for win32 and started in Debugmode, choosed dropbox and clicked "connect".
At the command:
CreateOAuthForm(url, nil, NavigateComplete);

there appears an empty Window...
Nothing else happens.

Do I have to change more attributes in the component? For example the app.callbackurl.
I am new with the cloud components. So I hope I explained well enough.


I assume you target the Windows platform?
If so, did you deploy the necessary Chromium files in the EXE folder and did you compile against Chromium?
Steps are described in the PDF developers guide.

Hello Bruno,
thanks for your answer.
The Chromium is already installed and works fine for the TTMSFMXWebGMaps.

But never mind. I just want to use it in Android and iOS.
It just would be easier for me to test an understand the mechanism in Windows.
Is there an example ( Android / iOS )  or documentation on how it works ( what is important ? ).

In TMSFMXCloudPackDevGuide.pdf I found just a link to dropbox and how to get the "key" and "secret".


There is a CloudStorage demo available after installation that can be used to target Android.

It should be located under public documents.

Kind Regards,