FMX Cloud Pack can't conect to Clouds in Windows


We have purchased the FMX Pack and the FMX Cloud Pack to conect to cloud drives. We need to develop a Windows version of our app.

I installed both in my PC, followed all the steps described in "winsupport.txt" (Chromium installation, pas editing, files copying, etc.) but still, when I do the TMSFMXCloudDropBox1.DoAuth; I only get a blank screen.

If I place a TMSFMXWebBrowser in the form, it continues saying "Please follow the instructions located at ...." even having followed all the steps described in that file.

I also tryed the CloudStorageDemo and get the same result: an empty form when I click the "Connect" button.

Please, tell me what to do to make it work.


If you still see the designtime message that would indicate you didn't recompile the packages.
If you see a blank screen, that could indicate you didn't deploy the Chromium related DLLs in your app executable folder.

I recompiled and installed TMSFMXPackPkgDXE7 wich added ChromiumFMX to the "Requires" list.

I also recompiled and installed TMSFMXPackPkgDEDXE7.

And also recompiled and installed TMSFMXCloudPackPkgDXE7.

After all that, I still have the problem: the designtime message still appears and the application, at the DoAuth, still shows an empty form.

What should I do now?


All the Chromium DLLs have been copied to the App EXE's directory as indicated in the TXT file.

In my setup I am running in debug mode. Therefore the EXE gets output to :-
   ...  Debug
So I needed to copy the DLLs to that folder.
  Peter Evans

Did you comment the line {$DEFINE CHROMIUMOFF} in FMX.TMSCloudWebBrowser.Win.pas?

Kind Regards, 

Yes, I commented that line as the TXT indicated. And rebuild the package after that as you suggested (The TXT with instructions didn't say anithing about recompiling the Pack for Firemonkey but....). :)

I copy the instructions in the TXT file below (may be there is some error in it):

Author: TMS Software
        Copyright © 2014

TMS Pack for FireMonkey Windows support

Important Notice: The following steps can only be applied if Delphi is available.

Windows support in the TMS Pack for FireMonkey is based on the Delphi Chromium Embedded opensource library and can be installed and compiled by following the steps below.

2) Open the package ChromiumFMX.dpk, compile and then install the package.
3) Add the directory where the ChromiumFMX source is located to your Win32 library path in the IDE (ceffmx.pas, ceflib.pas, ...)
4) Navigate to the directory where the TMS Pack for FireMonkey source is installed.
5) Open the file FMX.TMSWebBrowser.Win.pas and comment the line {$DEFINE CHROMIUMOFF}
6) Copy the files inside the lib directory from the extracted file to the directory where your application executable is or will be located.
7) Create or open a new or existing project and build your project.

As you have 2 products that both use the same version of the chromium webbrowser, you need to follow the steps to install chromium once, except on step number 5, where you need to comment the line {$DEFINE CHROMIUMOFF} in both FMX.TMSWebBrowser.Win (TMS Pack for FireMonkey) and FMX.TMSCloudWebBrowser.Win (TMS Cloud Pack for FireMonkey)

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Pieter Scheldeman2015-02-06 13:46:14

Ok. It worked now. Problem solved. :)

In short, we must do the following:

1- comment the line {$DEFINE CHROMIUMOFF} in FMX.TMSWebBrowser.Win (TMS Pack for FireMonkey) 
2- comment the line {$DEFINE CHROMIUMOFF} in FMX.TMSCloudWebBrowser.Win (TMS Cloud Pack for FireMonkey)
3- Recompile and reinstall all packages.

I think, that this should be more explicit in the TXT with the instruction.

Thank you very much...