FMX CloudStorageDemo

Just started to test this demo with DropBox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive on an Android device.

First problem is with Google Drive.

if (Sender is TTMSFMXCloudStorageFMX) then


    cs := Sender as TTMSFMXCloudStorageFMX;

    cs.GetDriveInfo; //*** Fails here... exception and no drive info returned ***




My Windows application using the normal Cloud components works fine.


Was a successful authentication & authorization done first?
If a problem persists, please enable logging & send the log file so we can investigate what exactly went wrong.

When I run the program, I select the Google option and press "Connect". I see the Google screen appear and I click on "Accept". After this it creates an exception.

I have now turned on the Logging in the GDrive component and set the LogLevel to IIDetail.

Where does the log file get created and what is the filename?

Will the file get created before the exception is generated?


Which version of Rad Studio are you using and are you using Android ?

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This is where I have to apologise. I had set the Secret Key incorrectly. So now on to the next items:

1: Minor issue: The Amazon RadioButton6 should be inside the RadioGroup.

2: When I connect to any of my Cloud Storage I get the list of items displayed in the TreeView. Some of these items are Folders. How do I get to see the contents of these Folders?

I am using Delphi XE7 and the target is Android.

I would still like to know where the logging file is saved?



We will investigate the issue with the radiobutton here.
By default the log file name is saved under the documents folder (TPath.GetDocumentsPath).
There was an issue in Android to retrieve the folder contents, this has already been fixed and will be available in the next release.

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