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As I am a retired single employee part-time business, my cash flow is minimal right now so I cannot afford to renew my Components license. With the intro of the package managers, we trade the convenience of an auto-update checker for having a copy of the installers for the various parts so that once our support contract expires,  I can reinstall components.

The account page at does not help as it hides the last licensed version download once your agreement expires. While I love TMS Software to death, its the only component company i have seen that restricts the right to download licensed installers to those only with current agreements.

While it seems more motivation to renew, it also seems to be out of step with companies like Remobjects which is very transparent about access to previous versions.

Can you either allow a 'previous versions' download link on my account products page and/or store component installers in an archival on my local computer so I can access after expiration of my support agreement?


When you use TMS Subscription Manager, all installers are locally available under:

c:\users\USERNAME\local\appdata\tmssoftware and can all be restarted & activated from there perpetually.
Given the large number of products we have and the high release frequency, keeping the "last version" for everybody individually would require us to keep hundreds and hundreds of files and work out an elaborate system to keep track of all date & version specific information to figure out what exact last version someone is entitled to, while on the other side, everyone not wishing to renew/pay for our services anymore, can easily take a backup of files on his system.


Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for!
I subscribed to both the Business Subscription as well as The TMS Component Studio.

There a crap-load of directories in my Local/TMSSoftware folder so thats great. It is really nice that it appears you save the last version minus one in a zip file in additoin to the last installer. Very cool!

On some items, like Aurelius, there is no setup program, only the TMSInstaller which obviously is looking for something to run correcly as it comes up and says I did not specify a package name.

How do I use that?


I take that back, I was looking at the wrong directory!