Disabled Images with AdvGlowButton


I'm having some difficulty with glyphs of AdvGlowButtons on a AdvPage of an AdvToolBarPager:

If I assign a PNG file directly to the Picture property of the button, then it does not gray out when Enabled := False

If I use AdvGlowButton.ImageIndex and a TImageList then it will grey, but it does not support the alpha channel and thus I need to convert each image to BMP individually

1. Is there a way to make the the glyph gray when disabling the button (without having to specify a DisabledPicture for each button)?

2. Does TMS support any TImageList descendent that supports PNG files?


Couldn't wait any longer, so hacked source to autofill DisabledPicture with greyscale version of Picture

Right now, there is no built-in way to draw an auto-disabled image when Picture is used. We have added this on the feature request list for consideration to add such capability in a future version.

In newer Delphi versions, you should be able to use the TImageList that supports PNG files.