Disable auto-popup for Marker OnClick

Hi TMS Team,

When you click on any Marker in OS map or any other Map (Except GM)  - it automatically creates a popup, with marker Name.  Is it possible to disable this feature / auto-popup?

We have a separate procedures and can use them if popup is actually required or not:
    function ShowPopup(ALatitude: Double; ALongitude: Double; AText: string; AOffsetX: Double = 0; AOffsetY: Double = 0): string; overload; virtual;
    procedure ClosePopup(AID: string); virtual;
    procedure CloseAllPopups; virtual; 

In case of automatic popup for marker - there is no way to hide it (even if you apply CloseAllPopups it stays on the map). Only when you change providers this Popup disappears itself...

In old Old TMS maps (GM and OS) we provided users with ability to hide or show markers labels (optional). Now this ability is lost, because I can't hide automatic popup. Also, because markers represent moving objects and popups not following markers GPS - disabling it is very important. 

Also, is it possible to move popups, without using Close/Show each time?

Could you provide any solution?

Thank you
  • popups always disappear when you change map provider (vs Markers, which stay on the map in this case)


Some markers don't have a way to show the title, so therefore we introduced a popup when clicking on the marker. When the title is set, the popup is shown. Can you try by not setting the title parameter? Moving popups is not supported for now, the popup is shown at a fixed location, and cannot be moved. We'll investigate what is possible.

Hi Pieter,

The current issue in our application / migrating from TMS OS/GMaps to FNC:

On Marker double click - we open new Delphi form (with object details, buttons, grids...). It's old logic - exists for 10 years.
In FNC map - when I double click it still show this extra popup - which is not required.
So users will need to close new window and then new popup each time when they double click.
If they double click several times (markers are very small icons - it's realistic scenario) - several popups will be displayed - one over another (duplicates),
so users will need to close all those popups again. They will not like it and start to compare to old maps.

Ideally is to have this auto popup feature:

  • optional
  • work on click only/ not double click
  • or work on mouse over event (like in FNC google)
  • check duplicates (now it will just add more popups if you click several times)

Also, ideally if you introduce hints (optional) for all graphical objects (markers, polylines, polygons) for mouse over
and implement popups similar to Markers, polygons (list with properties) - we can search by Popups.Count...
and keep popups when switching map providers. Now all popups disappear in this case.

Yes, when marker title is not set, no popup displayed, but currently all markers have titles.
If you are not going to change this - then I'll need to store marker titles using other marker properties
and change logic accordingly.



this post is still active ?
Because I have the same remarks about the OnMarkerClick behaviour.

Modification on" AEventData: TTMSFNCMapsEventData" and more specifically on AEventData.Marker.Title variable doesn't change nothing. Moreover this variable is not cleaned after action, thus this AEventData.Marker.Title become bigger and bigger :
first click : AEventData.Marker.Title := AEventData.Marker.Title + ', text added';

=> 'original , text added'

2eme click : AEventData.Marker.Title := AEventData.Marker.Title + ', text added';

=> 'original , text added , text added'

and so on....
I have a project to illustrate that

How to clean all this "title" popup ?


Hi Olivier,

We are currently investigating this issue and will report back as soon as possible.

Great, and thanks in advance


  • If you prefer to have no popups when a marker is clicked, please leave the Title property empty.
    You can use the DataString property to have additional data associated with a marker.

  • The AEventData.Marker.Title behaviour you explained is by design. If the marker Title value is changed, the updated Title value is automatically included in the event parameter the next time the marker is clicked.

  • Please note that unfortunately it is currently not supported to update the marker title value when using the OpenLayers service.
    This is a limitation of the service.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I will follow your recommendation

Thanks again