Dragging a Marker


How can this be done?



This feature is only available in TTMSFNCGoogleMaps, but you can set the Draggable property to true on marker collection item. Then you will be able to drag markers.

Hi Pieter,

I cant find this property in a TTMSFNCGoogleMapsMarker. I have tried Marker.Collection.Items[0].Draggable:=True but it won't compile. How should I be setting this?



Sorry, my bad!


You will need to typecast to TTMSFNCGoogleMapsMarker.


No chance to get this possibilty in other services ?

Hi Olivier,

We are investigating the possibilities of adding support for draggable markers in other services.

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Is there anything in this topic? When will this functionality be ready? This is the minimum

It's available in TTMSFNCGoogleMaps descendant class. It's unfortunately a technical limitation in order services that we need to work around.

but I would like use dragging marker with TTMSFNCMaps - openstreet, here. How can I do this?

That's currently not possible. This is on our todolist for investigation.

how is it possible that this is not done? after all, it worked in the previous components. This is the basic functionality :( How should I migrate the project to the new FNC components? When will it be ready? I bought new FNC components that were supposed to replace the previous version but I see that it is completely dead. Please give me a specific date? to correct it. These components are now almost useless: ((

The new TMS FNC Maps implementation for OpenLayers specific is based on v6.0 whereas the older implementation was based on an older version, the API is not backwards compatible. Draggable markers is on our feature request list but please understand that this takes time. Each and every feature that was available in both VCL WebGMaps & VCL WebOSMaps is being ported and redesigned with more flexibility and this takes time. We'll investigate this particular feature as soon as time permits.

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any good information?? it is basic functionality. I see "dragging marker" in route calculator. You must copy and paste :slight_smile:

Openlayers v2 is not the same as v6, we are currently using a new API in TMS FNC Maps. Again, we have added this on our request list as a top priority item. Please understand that this takes time.

OKAY. but my clients ask me: when? I bought new FNC components to replace old components. It's been a year or more and it still lacks basic functions.

The responsible developer is currently out of office and will look into this upon return. There is no timeframe. We need to investigate the possibilties and see how to properly integrate.

Pieter, look at "dragging marker" in route calculator, it is done :frowning: why you cant do this for standard marker without route calculator ?? it's not normal, it's not serious

The way this works is by moving an existing marker coordinate, when the route calculator is active. This is not the same as stand-alone dragging which does not immediately update the coordinate of the marker. again, for the last time we have a lot of work to do and will look into this as soon as possible. This is a high priority item on our todolist

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