Change Popup from onMarkerClick to OnMarkerMouseEnter


I am on my way, migrationg an old WebOSMaps Project to new FNC Component. First Things first, the performance is amazing and the simplicity some tasks can now be handled is great.
There are still some Problems that come to my Mind.
In the Project, we place Markers for each Address on the map, by double clicking the Marker a Route from the current Location, usualy the Company Adress should be calculated. In our old Projekt we had a Tbloonhint for showing information when mouse hover over a Marker and disable the Hint when leaving the Marker. I Try to archive that with the new komponentn but was not able to. The new Title popup is amazing, because using HTML gives the option to highlight Informations, wich was a feature Request long time ago. But wehen I Double klick the Marker the Hint also pops up and I have to close it manually.
In short: How can I achieve to goal to Open the Popup bei Hover in the Marker an Close it by Hover out the Marker?

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You can take a look at TMSFNCMaps1.ShowPopup & TMSFNCMaps1.ClosePopup, which also accepts HTML and can be shown at a random location on the map.

Ok, I will have a look, but how can I prevent Popup from showing up when I click on the Marker? Leaving the Title blank is a poor solutions, because in my opinion that is the place where that Information should be. Little off topic question. How can I get the Informations of the Marker when using OnMekerMouseEnter I have tryed this:
showmessage(AEventData.EventName + ' - ' + TTMSFNCMapsMarker(Sender).Title)
but seems like TTMSFNCMapsMarker ist not the right Class to cast the Sender because Title is always blank.

Edit: Please forget about the last Question. Using AEventData.Marker give full Access to the Marker which triggers the event.

When setting the Title, it automatically pops up. There is currently no way to prevent this. We'll investigate how this can done. About the AEventData, the property Marker should point to the clicked or hovered marker: AEventData.Marker.

Hi Pieter,

I Worked around it no need to spend more effort on it. I load the Data into ShowPopup und use the Longitude and Latitude from markers as written before.

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Thanks for the followup!

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