Different results from using Smart Setup vs Subscription Manager

This is all with RAD Studio 12.

TMS Setup vs Manager Quirk

Referring to the first screen shot, please notice the three entries for TMS Security System as installed by Subscription Manager.

TMS Setup vs Manager Quirk 2

Referring to the second screen shot, now noticed that when installed using Smart Setup the entry TMS Security System design-time support now appears as just the reference to the BPL file.

I think this may have to do with a missing or incorrectly installed DPK file.

It also happened with TMS Instrumentation Workshop at which point I stopped using the Smart Setup and created this post.

Any thoughts on what to do to remedy this issue?

Thanks much.


It's the description in the package that has not been set for all schemes (debug/release), other than that the package should work fine. We'll investigate and report back.

Thanks for the feedback.