Six Smart Setup Problems?

Six more TMS Products Smart Setup enabled, nearing completion

It's been a long time since Smart Setup caused me so many problems.
I hope that the attached pictures will allow you to make the repair.
The newly added classes are probably behind the mentioned problems.

Please first uninstall products that were already installed via the classic installer.

OK, it helped for "Crypto", "Chart" and "Cloud Pack"
Problems persist for "MQTT" and "GraphQL"

Maybe I didn't know how to install them with SubscriptionManager before.
That's why I uploaded them "manually". MayBe..
How should I proceed in this case?

After you uninstalled, what exact remaining issue do you experience?

For "Delphi 10.2" there remains a problem with installing and using MQTT and GraphQL.
Smart Setup appears to run correctly for both listed items.
In fact, they don't get into the Delphi IDE, or they are not checked (MQTT see the picture).
See also error messages when trying to check.
I don't even see GraphQL in the IDE in "Install Packages". He was before. Now it's not even after installing via Smart Setup.

It looks like you still have old TMS MQTT installed in your Delphi. Please try to uninstall it.

Regarding GraphQL, maybe you still have remaining files from previous installation. Search your disk for copies of GraphQL250.bpl and dclGraphQL250.bpl and report here the locations of such files.

Finally, my Delphi IDE could not compile any projects. So I started again from scratch using -r to create a new BDS in the registry. (TMS WEB Core was also in the game, not only MQTT and GraphQL). Although it took a long time to restore the installation with the new BDS, but better than chasing several small problems in the registry keys. After that "Smart Setup" worked as expected.
I just hope that "Smart Setup" doesn't leave similar remnants in the registry like ".\\", duplicates, etc.
Of course, I consider Smart Setup to be an excellent tool.
It is a great benefit.
I also appreciate the fact that TMS brings frequent improvements and fixes. That's why Smart Setup is essential for me.

Thank you.
With Smart Setup, this path issue with double slashes should not happen.
It was only in a specific previous classic installer that this slipped in (upon uninstall) but also in the classic installers, this should not happen anymore.