DevEx and Web Core


As I am held up in my current project until Web Core 2.0 is released, I thought I would use my time attempting to do something that I have been meaning to try for a long time.

Probably a lot of you use DevEx components in your VCL projects. DevEx have a javascript version of their components called DevExtreme.

Due to the flexibility of Web Core it turned out to be pretty easy to do so. I have provided online examples of the data grid, pivot grid, scheduler, HTML editor, charts and themes here. The source code can also be downloaded.

DevExtreme is free for non-commercial use. The licensed version is a third of the cost of their VCL package.

Many thanks to Andrew Simard for his help.




Just wanted to say thanks for doing this. It's been on my would love to do list for ages so this is fantastic and it's helped me with my general understanding of JS too

Thanks, I'm pleased that it helped you!