Better and powerful TWebDBGrid

We need a faster TWebDBGrid (now is slow with 1000 records) with "internal virtual paging" for big datasets.
With filter/search features in column's headers, and with footer for totals.
TMS web Core is now a great tools but it needs a very powerful Dbgrid (responsive, BootStrap ready and not FNC) for porting VCL applications in a RAD way.

TMS WEB Core can quickly and easily make use of JavaScript grid libraries to offer exactly this kind of functionality. There are numerous options here, including libraries from DevExpress and others.

These aren't necessarily going to be all that simple to port from a VCL app given that they typically won't know anything about TDatasets or Delphi or anything like that, but it certainly can be done, and isn't that much work if you've already got the data in your app and are just looking for a place to send it.

My personal favorite in this area is Tabulator. Lots of posts about using Tabluator here in the Support Center, but also more than a few blog posts about it. You can find the first of the Tabulator miniseries here.

This particular blog post has led to an ongoing project called Actorious. Here you can see a pair of Tabulator tables in action. This is a TMS WEB Core app that gets its data from a TMS XData app, which in turn gets its data from Wikidata and The Movie Database. Absolutely everything is passed around as JSON (no database is used here at all) so again, no use of TDataset or TFields or anything like that.

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Thanks for the answer but it's not what I expect. This topic has already been discussed and illustrated previously.
If Tms WebCore manages (very well) TDatasets, TFields and everything related (TwebDBedit, etc...) I expect complete 360-degree management of the problem.
In practice the logic that is already applied in VCL applications must NOT change, moved to the client side. There are many VCL applications to migrate and most of them use DBgrids (Standard, Tms, Devexpress).
Therefore a "complete" and powerful management of grid data must be present to manage the Tdataset world on the client.
And not just sketchy, delegating the difficult part to external components NOT integrated into the DB logic.
Of course I can use DevExtreme or Jquery, or any powerful libraries I like; but where do I stick the whole Tdataset world?
Ok, I can do without the Tdataset because I have Json, but why do I NEED to rewrite all the logic if I already have 50 VCL forms ready to "convert", with a great waste of energy and time? Where does "the Rad way of Delphi" end?
Using External Libraries MUST be optional and NOT mandatory to produce a "functional" web application.
Have you ever heard Devexpress say: "you can use TMS components if you want to have more powerful DBgrids"?
What I ask is to create web applications with TMS Web Core, which has DELPHI as the "engine".
If I have to use DevExtreme grids, DevExtreme editors, and Jquery components, what do I have left with Delphi?
I'm much quicker to use DevExtreme with another JS language that supports it directly, and I lose all the Delphi advantage.
Mine is not a controversy, but I would like to be able to produce Web applications as I do with VCL ones, with the appropriate differences in environment, but with the same productivity.
I hope I was clear.
We have fierce competition on the products we produce (tax and tax world) and the productivity of software in a fast but very powerful way is essential for us (sometimes we have forms with 300 DBfields and 4 DBgrids inside).
Currently TWebDbgrid is not up to the task of managing a decent crud and being able to display thousands of records.
We need totals, filters, searches (I don't think I'm the only one asking); Now I have to use Jquery grids or other components that require a lot of JS code.
This shouldn't be the case for a fantastic product like TMS Web Core.
I should be able to ONLY use the TMS web components for 95% of the application and just use other libraries for "special" tasks.
Good job everyone

We developed TWebDBGrid, TWebDBTableControl and we developed our entire FNC component family that is web enabled. Sure, many features could be added to TWebDBGrid or other controls etc..
What we have now is the result of extremely hard work and we continue this extremely hard work to improve all products on many levels.

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Hi Bruno, precisely because I believe that what TMS Web Core is now and how important it can be can be in the immediate future for ALL Delphi developers (and not Js developer) who are here asking for the necessary features for the vast majority of those who develop management software. Clearly with hard work on your part.
I would like to get what my business needs to face my competition, and therefore I ask for more powerful "Delphi" components.
It is your power to decide which components to develop and what your development priorities are (I appreciate the continuous updating and the new components added recently);
It is instead my duty to ask for improvements on the components that I should use massively on a daily basis to improve mine and, consequently, your product.
Good job everyone.

Generating DevExtreme datagrids doesn't take a lot of javascript and once you have done a few it is easy. I am about half-way through converting a major 500+ screen VCL project and the DevEx DevExtreme component usage is very similar to the VCL version.

Hi Ken,
thank yuo for help;
I have always used Devexpress on Vcl (from first releases with a lot of bug (2000?); I'm the first in Italia :-)) togheter with Tms and Infopower suites.

I will try to "insert" Devextreme grids, BUT my request stay there!
If I can use only powerful TMS components Tdataset related components, it's definitely better.
Just consider a single style management and CSS, just to start...
Thanks a lot

Good luck. I too have been using DevEx for about 20 years. The power of the grids are awesome and TMS will never be able to match them.

If you need any help let me know!



Thanks a lot, Ken :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Ken,
did you create any visual components at design time to manage the Devexpress grid?
I managed to connect, via events, the synchronization between datasets and the Jqxgrid grid, all in Js.
I wanted to understand if you had developed a visual component to manage the DevExtreme grid, to which I can then apply the same logic, to obtain a Devexpress grid that could synchronize with the Tdataset world (and therefore update the various TwebDbedits during scrolling).
A thousand thanks!

No, pure Javascript. The grids are far to complex for me to even think about doing so.I don't use any visual components in my applications.