Full responsive with TMS WEB Core and Bootstrap

I'm testing the possibility of getting a full responsive only with Tms Webcore and Bootstrap.
Well, using TwebHtmlDiv, and not TwebPanel (don't works), I can achieve exceptional results that we are gradually evaluating.
Do you think it's a good idea to use TwebHtmlDiv (nested and containing the other controls) or do you suggest another approach?
I can create a test project to evaluate the result achieved (excellent) without a template.

WebHTMLDiv is very flexible for binding to any DIV in the HTML template with responsive behavior defined on this DIV

I use TWebHTMLDivs everywhere for everything all the time :+1:
Nested, stretched, sorted, layered, ordered, "flexed", no troubles at all :grin:
And an endless array of Bootstrap classes added to ElementClassName :+1:

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Ok, Perfect. :+1:
Now we need to try to enhance multi-row data inputs, and the presentation of data (possibly first and foremost from datasets as well as json) of grids with summary, totals, search etc... for our needs. We will try with external components, waiting for an upgrade of the standard components.
For the graphic part, let's say that "here we are" :blush:

You have many options to choose from when it comes to "data grids" as they are sometimes referred to in the JavaScript arena. TMS FNC Grid is likely the most obvious contender. Another solid choice that works really well, particularly within a TWebHTMLDiv, is Tabulator. There are a number of blog posts on the TMS Software Blog that include Tabulator, including a series on Tabulator itself, starting here.

As far as upgrades to the standard components, I don't have any access to what TMS has planned, but I don't imagine that the standard components are going to evolve into anything close to these other offerings, partly because the standard components are mostly based on standard HTML components, which aren't all that feature-rich to begin with.

Personally, I have the opinion that using TMS WEB Core without third-party libraries is a bit like using Windows without third-party applications - you can, but why limit yourself :grin:

"why limit yourself": One answer to that, Andrew, is that the TMS WEB Core framework alone allows one to leverage learned Delphi VCL skills without needing to relearn it all as JS stuff. :heart_eyes:

Yes, absolutely, I agree with that, and that is what makes TMS WEB Core an absolutely fantastic product - leveraging past knowledge and allowing you to develop products for a much larger and more diverse environment. All good.

However, once you're in that much larger and more diverse environment, you might very well find that you'll want to reach out and take advantage of other aspects of web app development that Delphi, even with the help of TMS WEB Core, simply cannot reach on its own. And its very exciting, empowering, and beneficial both to us as developers and our customers that get more amzaing projects as a result.

So start with Delphi, but be open to other libraries that can make things work a lot quicker and better than just sticking to what comes with Delphi and TMS WEB core out of the box, often with astonishingly little effort or cost (development cost or financial cost).