Setting URL's for webservices components at runtime

Let's say you develop a Webcore app. You sell it to 10 different customers. Each customer has their Domain URLs and web service location.

What can you do to use a ini.file or other methods so the correct URLs get updated in the app without recompiling each customer project? How would you do this before the page is rendered in the client's browser?

For my projects, I use a JSON configuration file that I add various things to, like the URL of the right XData server to use, for example. I wrote about it in a blog post. There are plenty of other options depending on how much customization is needed.

Thank you, Andrew, extremely helpful.

At this point, I'm thinking of ditching Webcore. I'm better off writing my apps in a solid framework with Javascript. Webcore is not what I thought it would be.

Oh, no! I certainly wasn't trying to scare anyone off! The point of my blog posts, after all, is to show how much you can do with TMS WEB Core, and how easily.

Writing VCL apps for decades, TMS WEB Core has been a huge boon in that we can take many of our experiences to the web. But the web is a very different environment than Windows. A lot of the challenges that come up have nothing to do with TMS WEB Core but rather this nefarious sandbox we have to play in, the browser environment.

What were you expecting, what would you like to be different, and where do you think you might be headed where those expectations are better met?

I appreciate your help. You did not scare me off. I understand the web, been dealing with it for years. Great job on your articles, you do a great job of explaining and creating examples. I'm sure many developers are saying Thank You Andrew!

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