Demo's don't work

I had some spare time tonight and thought I would look at something new. None of the demo's work.  I don't think it is unreasonable to load a demo and click run and it work?

Rad Studio 10.3 and the latest DL of Plugin Framework.

The documentation references incorrect bpl file names.  For 10.3 what should they be?  Demo 1 is missing the icon file.  

Maybe there is an up to date how-to document for this product?

I'll move on to other TMS goodies :-)  Lots of other stuff to learn.


If you use Delphi 10.3 Rio, all you need to do is change the package references in the demo packages to pfCorepkgdxe12.dcp 


not working for Delphi 10.4
Same troubles... missing icon, pfCorepkgdxe12 not found, etc.

What packege must I refer to?

Thanks in advance.


10.4 is pfCorepkgdxe13.dcp