Error in demos

Hi there,

I installed demo version on Delphi 10.2

Demo 1 is compiled but not run as expected. Probably reason is in tools-options-link with run time packages is not checked and run time package list is empty 

Demo 2-3-4 cannot be compiled. I get "upfCore7 not found" error. There is no file in my computer with this name i.e. it is not a path error. If I clear upfCore7 from run-time package list, this time I get "vcl must be recompiled" error for sdiCore7


For use with Delphi Tokyo, you need to replace the package dependency to upfcoredxe11.dcp

Do you write location of this file to check please. Because it seems that it is not exist in my computer

This is normally in the default output folder of the IDE for compiling packages:


Hello Bruno, this file is not exist and samples are not working, probably setup file for the Delphi 10.2 is incomplete. Please check.

Did you compile the project file upfCoredxe11.dproj ? It should generate upfCoredxe11.dcp under folder  C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\DCP

Hi Bruno, upfCoredxe11.dproj is not exits in "C:\ProgramData\tmssoftware\TPF RSXE11" folder. Instead I have:
But it is not possible to recompile no one of them because *.pas files were not included in trial setup.
I thing you have to create a new trial setup after correcting dependencies and compiling files with the XE10.2 again.
Thank you for your support.

Sorry, it was my typo that I wrote upfCoredxe11.dcp while it should be pfCorePkgdxe11.dcp that you should find in the install folder if you installed the trial version. It is with the registered version that it will be in the folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\DCP