TMS Plugin Framework demos

The demos do not seem to exist.  The readme.txt says there are 4, for delphi 7.  My install does not have any.

You can find the demos under  \My Documents\tmssoftware\TPF Demos\
There should also be a link added in the Windows start menu

Nope.  Not there.  I've been having a problem with it installing in Delphi 7 (communication via email with Bruno), and there are NO demos installed.  Checking the log file, it does not say the demos were aborted, but they just do NOT exist.  Other versions of Delphi do not complain (XE7 for instance).

I downloaded a copy of the trial version for Delphi 7, and there is a zip file of demos in the downloaded zip file , for all versions of Delphi, not just Delphi 7.  They do not compile under either Delphi 7 or XE7 though.

I do see in the demos, though, that there is a bunch of hard coded directory paths, one of which is c:\delphi7\projects\bpl - which is what the setup is trying to use on my system.  However my path is c:\borland\delphi7\projects\bpl.  Bruno might be interested in that, as he was thinking MY setup was at fault, since it was looking for YOUR path instead of mine.

Hard coded paths are always bad.

.CFG & .DOF file slipped by accident into the distribution and this is causing the issue. We'll remove these and update the distribution.
Wrt demos, I verified the installer script and they should be extracted under

My Documents\tmssoftware\TPF Demos\DelphiXX
with XX for each Delphi version set.

Thanks.  I'll retry the install.

Guess I jumped too quick.  Subscription manager does not show an available update yet.  Will check back later.

The update is available. 

The hard coded paths are still there, and the install (and attempting to open the demos) still fails.