Demo / OnAfterMonitorDpiChanged does not exist

just download the Trial Version in order to test it.
Unfortunately I can not even run the demo!

"uilLoginDlg1.Execute" raises an error : " OnAfterMonitorDpiChanged does not exist…."

One more Question:
Is it possible to use the Security System in Touch applications?
I need to use AdvPopupTouchKeyBoard / AdvTouchKeyboard.

Are you sure you first fully uninstalled a previous version of TMS Security System?

The TMS Security System is not tied to something like touch, so I cannot see a reason why it would not work in a touch application.
I've never installed the TMS Security System before.
That was my first attempt.

I haven't tested the component yet, therefore my question:
Since most components are "dialog" forms and may be modal (??), how do you use an "AdvPopupTouchKeyBoard / AdvTouchKeyboard" placed on the main form?

This appeared to be specific to older versions of Delphi.
We've applied a fix from TMS Security System v4.0.0.1 for this specific issue, so I'd recommend to update to the latest version.

Thank you
Issue fixed.