Group Permissions

Good Morning,

I can't give Permissions to a Group. Only single User Permissions are granted.
When i apply Permissions to a Group, all User get access to these Permissions, whtether they're Member of this Group or not.
I found an older post with a similar problem but the last post was from 2010 so i don't know if it's also a solution for my problem and my version.

I have retested this here with the included TMS Security System demo but I could not reproduce an issue here with the latest version. The system has 4 users. 3 of these users are in a group. A permission was given to a group. The user not belonging to the group didn't have permission to a control while all users of the group did.
Can you verify this again with the demo & the latest version?

Sry for my late response.
I will re-install my Security System but
maybe it's a problem with our SQL Server because i have another Problem.
When i create permissions and delete them with the form privacy
dialogs, they still remain in the permission table. But first i try to
re-install the components.

So i now tested to re-install the components but i face the same problems.
Is it possible, that a previous IntrawebSecuritySystem installation on my System produce this issues?

It was not clear this concerned the IntraWeb version of the security system. I might have found a difference that is causing this in the IntraWeb version. Can you please contact us by email for an incremental source update to see if this helps in your app?